Community Season Premiere Postponed

Troy and Abed on hiaaaaaaaaaaaatusss?
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 Sorry, Human Beings, it seems we have entered the darkest timeline.

Originally scheduled to premiere Friday, NBC’s cult hit Community was put on yet another hiatus in order to promote the network’s current fall lineup.

Fans of the study group have taken to the internet to express their displeasure, reawakening the summer hashtag, #NBCFail. This is not the first time that NBC has shafted Community fans; while people have made claims that execs at the network “love Community“, their actions don’t seem to back that match that claim.

Last season of Community experienced a mid-season hiatus in order to support a programming shuffle, and was replaced by the return of 30 Rock. Fans of the show immediately took to social media to promote the “Save Community” campaign, and saw several worldwide trending topics on Twitter, such as “#SaveCommunity”, “#SixSeasonsandaMovie”, and “#OccupyNBC”. Additionally, last season saw the departure of showrunner and creator Dan Harmon.

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However, there are claims that NBC may reshuffle their lineup, depending on how well (or not so well) their new sitcoms fare in the ratings. Seeing as many fans were less than happy about the show being moved to Friday nights, this may be received as good news.

Has NBC “Britta’d it” again? Until Community comes back, that remains to be seen.

So not “cool, cool, cool.”

Until it comes back, enjoy some classic Community moments:

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