The Summer Set, Sleeping With Sirens & more stream new singles

Everything’s Fine with The Summer Set as they prepare for their third studio album.
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Ranging from alternative rock to pop punk to metalcore, quite a few musicians released new songs or new music videos in the past few days.

Never Shout Never released a video for the “magic” on Tuesday, shedding light on the single once more.

The track previously garnered attention when it dropped in September, surprising fans with an early taste of the band’s upcoming album, Indigo.

One of MTV’s “Buzzworthy Video Premieres,” the video keeps the vibe cool, calm, and delightfully eclectic.

Indigo hit shelves on Nov. 13.

The Summer Set debuted their new single “Fuck U Over” via iTunes Monday.

This is the first song off of their untitled third album to be released Spring 2013.

“This song is my sarcastic apology to all the girls in my life. A boy can dream about wanting to be Barney Stinson, right?” vocalist Brian Dales said on the band’s Facebook page.

Before you know it, you’ll be singing along with the refreshingly honest chorus: “I didn’t mean to fuck you over/ I just wanna have some fun/ We can ride the world tonight/ But no it doesn’t have to be love.”

You can check out the lyric video below.

Woe, Is Me released their new single, “A Story to Tell,” on Monday.

“A Story to Tell” was announced as the second single from upcoming album Genesi[s] an hour before the song’s release via YouTube.

Genesi[s] is due out Nov. 20.

Sleeping With Sirens released a deliciously creepy track on Oct. 21 titled “Dead Walker Texas Ranger.”

A follow-up to their acoustic extended play, If You Were A Movie, This Would be Your Soundtrack, the track is a nice return to the band’s post-hardcore sound.

Creatures beware, we may have a group of renegade demon hunters on the loose.

The Maine released a music video for “Thinking of You” on Oct. 19.

“Thinking of You” is the latest single from the band’s third studio album, Pioneer, which dropped in late 2011.

The animated video casts a humorous spin on the heavy-hearted lyrics. You can check it out below.

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