Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape

Famous wrestler and reality television star Hulk Hogan has once again become the talk of the media, but for a completely different reason. A sex tape of Hogan and his best friend’s wife, Heather Clem, was leaked out to the public several days ago. As one can expect this tape has caused a lot of controversy and many different stories about the tape have been heard.

According to Hogan’s Ex-wife, Linda Hogan, there are some questionable aspects to the story her former husband told the press. One specific flaw Linda found was the fact that The Hulk claimed this sex tape was made over 6 years ago. Apparently sometime during the tape Hogan’s phone, and iPhone 3 to be exact, was set off. However, Linda Hogan told the press that 6 years ago, when she and The Hulk were still married, he did not have an iPhone 3.

However, although she is curious whether or not Hulk’s story is 100% accurate that is not her biggest concern. The main issue Linda Hogan is concerned about is the image this event will give her family. The Huffington Post quoted Linda confessing this concern; “this is embarrassing to our family. His actions have proven to be completely disastrous, and my children, my kids are extremely embarrassed.” She also admitted that she was tired of her name being run through the press in a negative way, and ensured reporters that she never allowed him to tape her. “He never sex-taped me. I would never allow it. There is a certain thing called your dignity and your morality, and if you don’t have any, this is what you can expect to happen, but this isn’t my thing,”

Leaked sex tapes have hurt the reputation of many famous individuals. While those individuals involved in publicly exposed sex tapes may all have a different story, they all relate in one way or the other. What is it about today’s society that makes people think these types of actions are ok?

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