Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Break Up?

According to recent news, country Star, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have split. And although still not proved, the news is making headlines.

This news comes as a bit of a shock, as Taylor’s latest single, “Begin Again” is rumored to be about the 18-year-old son of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and the late Mary Kennedy. The song is about turning a new romantic leaf with a gentleman with whom she is able to wear heels, among other things. (Connor is a good head taller than Swift.)

The couple was first spotted together back in July in Hyannis Port, Mass. where the Kennedy family estate is located. Though the stars have kept the summer love on the downlow, Swift received a very public stamp of approval from Ethel Kennedy, Conor’s grandmother.

Us Weekly, who has also covered the story, is blaming the split on Swift’s whirlwind schedule in support of her new album, Red.

“It’s been over a month since they’ve seen each other,” says a source. “With her promotion for Red she had no time off till the end of the year.”

Image from people.com

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