First look: Despicable Me 2

The minions are back.
[Image from

The beloved minions had a very scary Halloween, indeed.

The film’s first promotional trailer was released via iTunes on Halloween.

2010’s Despicable Me focused on a criminal mastermind’s attempts to steal the moon while using his newly adopted daughters as pawns in his grand scheme. Of course, the girls have a positive affect on him, leading him to change for the better.

The film grossed over $500 million worldwide, prompting the creation of a sequel.

But what will the sequel be about? Who knows! Even with the trailer’s release, very little has been revealed about the plot of Despicable Me 2.

Both Gru and the girls are absent in the trailer, save for Agnes’ brief appearance at the beginning.

Instead, the teaser focuses on the minions’ shenanigans.

After Agnes has been tucked into bed, the minions decide to play some indoor golf. All is well until they hear a noise outside.

The brave duo approaches the offending garbage bin with great care only to realize the noise was nothing more than a stray cat.

Bickering as minions do, the two don’t even realize that aliens are upon them until it is too late.

The scene flashes forward to a minion in a maid uniform. Dancing about the room instead of vacuuming, the minion is reminded of his duties when the doorbell rings.

After answering the door, the minion soon realizes that things are amiss. The camera zooms in as he screams and the trailer abruptly ends.

The upcoming installment hits theaters in summer 2013.

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