Lana Del Rey debuts second single from upcoming re-release

Born to Die: The Paradise Edition debuts on Nov. 13 in the US
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The artist uploaded the new music video earlier this week.

“Bel Air” is the second song to be released from her forthcoming album, Born to Die: The Paradise Edition.

The music video, “Bel Air Art Nouveau,” was released via YouTube Wednesday.

Captioned with: “I lost my reputation, I forgot my truth. But I have my beauty and I have my youth,” the video is a far cry from the 10-minute-long film for “Ride.”

Melody and smoke machines, the video has a mystical quality. Reminiscent of a dream sequence, Del Rey is all shadows and smoke. She even breaks the norm in favor of silence, opting not to sing in the video.

Haunting in both sound and lyric, “Bel Air” is just over 3 minutes long.

“Roses, ballet, take me away at night,” croons the songstress. “I have been waiting to meet you.”

In addition to the standard 12-track version of Born to Die, the re-release will include three bonus tracks: “Without You,” “Lolita” and “Lucky Ones.” The Paradise Edition also includes nine previously unheard tracks, including “Ride” and “Bel Air.”

Check the video out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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