Best Restaurants in London’s West End Theatre District

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Persons visiting London’s fashionable West End Theatre district may well find the theatre experience all the more rewarding by prior to the show, catching a quick Bistro bite; or enjoying a festive-type feast prior to the show’s opening. It is reasonable to state: many terrific gastronomical experiences are available to the West End theatre patron. Also, if the show you wish to watch is prior to receiving your week’s salary or whatever the case—meaning you may be a little short on cash prior to payday—Why not take advantage of many of the cash loans UK available; designed for such a purpose? Plus if you pay your cash loan as soon as possible; you can ask for other loans and subsequently increase your credit rating. You are not only enjoying a delightful dinner and show; you can also increase your credit status at the same time. Since there is not an excuse available as far as enjoying a delightful dinner and world-class theatre; following are some of the venues you may wish to visit prior to the show’s start.

Smollensky’s on the Strand
105 The Strand, Strand & Embankment, WC2R 0AA

Smollensky’s on the Strand provides its patrons with a daily happy hour from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The menu is decidedly American: top of the line steaks, burgers and ribs dominate it. Its location is perfect whether you are eating before or after the show. There is a two course menu available; prices are relatively reasonable. During the weekend, a children’s menu is supplied and there is lots of entertainment. The establishment is a terrific pre-theatre place; it has been in business for well over twenty years. If you want more information a glimpse at Smolensky’s site is recommended.

The Sportsman Casino, Old Quebec Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 7AF

The skill of the restaurant’s award-winning Chef Zaman is most apparent. It is featured in his brilliantly conceived and creative global gastronomical offerings. In example, you may enjoy Fillet of Salmon with Crab Croquettes—which is pan-fried, or a marinated breast of chicken served up right with tomato and black olive tapenade. There is also a chocolate cheesecake which you may indulge along with banana flavoured ice cream. The preceding mouth-watering menu choices are only a few of many taste-tempting creations offered by the talented chef. So, head to Zaman for the best infusion Middle Eastern and European menu options as well as dessert choices.

10 Cases
16 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9BD

10 Cases may be the best “hidden gem” right in the midst ironically of the tourist district; in Covent Garden and part of London’s fashionable West End. The ambience, as far as bistros go, is second to none. It is miniature sized, as is expected with a dark panelled interior; however, not gloomy but appropriate. 10 Cases is named after its wine inventory: 10 cases of ten red wines and ten cases of 10 whites; the wine list is delightful. Food favourites include buttery potted crab and bread—exceedingly fresh; all the better to sop up the butter from the crab. Follow up the French liver offering with an awesome chocolate mousse; sure to please.

Aqua Nueva
204 Regent Street, Soho, London, W1B 3BR
(Entrance to establishment is: 30 Argyll Street)

The restaurant Aqua Nueva is a Hong Kong based eatery. It is the former site of Dickens and Jones on Regent Street. The venue is located on the top floor providing its visitor with three sections for dining and imbibing. Also, there are picturesque views of the City from the dining and drink location. The fare is modern Spanish, presented within a very stylised; environment on one side, and a Japanese restaurant on the other.

The interior aspect of the Spanish side is that of a large dining room with again roof terrace. There is a long Tapas bar with a terrace at the end of it. The wine list is pleasing including: D’Arenberg Viognier and Louis Roederer non-vintage champagne. The upper price scale of the wine list includes offerings such as Vina El Pisson: the prices are not too much above as what you may find in the retail shops; although, the restaurant is more designed for persons not limited on their budget for the evening. You might want to suggest it to someone with deep pockets or for a birthday celebration prior to theatre. It is a great place to show that you are in the know as where to visit restaurant-wise on theatre night. The entrance proves fun: complete with thick red drapery and a variety of mirrors. This is slightly awkward at first, since it is more interesting than that of an entrance which exudes luxe.

There are many fine restaurants in London’s West End: too many to mention here. However, the above are good choices for starters; especially when visiting London Town. In conclusion, the above offerings include: an established American-style restaurant, bistro, a combination international restaurant and a very nice fusion fare European, Asian restaurant—complete with award winning chef. Try our four choices for starts and check out what else is in the area you might like to try when visiting London, prior or after show time.

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