Staying Above The Belt

In every argument, there is a point you should never go beyond because there is always a point of no return. Yes, no matter how angry you are. Pretending that the sole purpose of any argument is to prove just how tough you are by telling yourself that there is no button you will not push is both a selfish and stupid idea.

Floating around in the universe is this crazy idea that you can continuously emotionally slaughter a person and they are obliged to or at least expected, to keep you in their life. That’s simply not realistic. There’s no excuse for flat out spiteful or mean-spiritedness when dealing with your personal relationships. If you know a person and you’re fortunate enough to know their weaknesses, lows, faults, and issues, why hit them where it’ll hurt permanently when they’re upset?

I’ve realized that we’ve all been taught that family is the unbreakable bond fueled by blood and that no damage is un-repairable, but it’s that society-created notion that has people not just taking solace in the idea that their families will always support them no matter what the mistake, but abusing their family members, hurting them so deeply, and believing that it’s not just acceptable, but that an apology isn’t even necessary, because that’s what family is. This is not so.

No person walking this earth is an unshakeable pillar of strength no matter how strong they appear or even how resilient they are when faced with crisis. People can and will be broken down if you repeatedly chip away at them and so I ask, why take advantage of the privilege of being able to do that kind of damage to a person you’re supposed to care about?

Relationships and friendships don’t just magically contain love – that love is built through an ability to trust that you know someone and that they won’t just protect you from others, but that they themselves will never intentionally hurt you for the sake of doing so. Your best interest must truly be at heart. Family is no different. Not because you are someone’s husband, wife, mother, father, brother, or sister, does that mean you are allowed to abuse them, insult them, tell them they are the things they hate most in the world, throw their biggest mistakes and regrets in their face, and just try to hurt them in any way that you can simply because you are angry. It is never okay. Life is hard enough and filled with too much struggle and misery in the outside world to have to deal with it on the inside. It’s not just inexcusable to intentionally hurt your own family, but it’s even worse than hurting a friend or a stranger. What hurts more than knowing that the most pain and trauma you suffer is from someone you love and hold the closest? It is as selfish as it is malicious.

The continuous abuse of love and trust very much so warrants the severing of ties if someone refuses to see the damage they do, makes no effort to stop, or so much as apologize. Nobody should ever feel obligated to suffer and endure emotional hurt by the very people who are supposed to shield them from it. Everybody has a limit and so every fight should have one as well.


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