Kimye Is Pregnant

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-ugly-outfits-600x683OMG! Kim Kardashian is pregnant! Guess who does not care? Unlike a lot of  people on this planet who love to worship talent-less people who are famous for absolutely no reason, I don’t participate and practice the same foolery that most of those people do. Let’s be serious for one second, why is Kim famous? Is it because she has a large rear end? Kim Kardashian has never done anything worthy of being famous aside from jump from bed to bed with celebrities that actually work for their money. Ray-J, Reggie Bush, Damon Thomas, Miles Austin, Gabriel Aubry, Kanye West, and lets not forget Kris Humphries. And for everyone that just gasped at the fact I just said she jumps from bed to bed, let us not forget about her infamous sex tape with Ray-J. Oh, referring back to my statement about sleeping with celebrities that “actually work for their money”, I completely forgot she was a “model”, if that counts. To be fair though, and I will admit this, she may have started out for no reason, but she does own a very successful fashion line.

Anyway, yes ladies and gentleman Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Kanye West announced it on stage, so it is official! I just hope Kim realizes that unlike her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries, that she obviously used as a publicity stunt, a baby cannot just disappear because she wants to go out drinking. You are in this for the long hall Kim! Congratulations “KIMYE”, and good luck!


  1. PreySongz says:

    Kim got that ass tho….

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