R. Kelly Writes More Trapped in the Closet Chapters, Book Deal, Musical in Store?

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Back in 2005, R&B singer R. Kelly debuted the first part of what became a 22 part series titled “Trapped in the Closet”. For those unfamiliar, the series takes place after a man named Sylvester comes home with a woman from a nightclub. Several chapters in, however, listeners realize that the events were set into action long before his act of infidelity, and secrets begin to “come out of the closet” both literally and figuratively.

The series instantly became a viral hit, and parodies were churned out by the masses. While it was interesting the first few chapters, many people regard the hip-hopera as somewhat of a joke.

After 22 Chapters, the series was released on DVD and was locked away to be forgotten. At least, until this past fall.

Back in November, the singer released upped the number of chapters to 33 on IFC, and announced plans for the saga to continue through 85 more chapters, a book, and a Broadway musical.

For real.

According to an sit down with Fast Co.’s Co.Create, Kelly revealed that the book will reveal details that occurred before the events in Chapter 1. “You’ll get to find out a lot of things you don’t know, or that you can’t know, unless you read the book,” Kelly said.

As for the Broadway rumor, Kelly confirmed it, saying that, “It’s definitely being talked about, and it’s definitely in the creative chambers.”

While the concept is an interesting one, many critics cringe at the thought of this melodrama to play out on the stage. As for the book, well, there wasn’t a lot of positivity to find in response to that.

Trapped in the Closet will continue later on this year on IFC, but the existing chapters can be found both on Youtube and IFC.

What do you think? Will you watch the remaining chapters? Does the book idea interest you? Sound off in the comments!


  1. my life is made!

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