Lifetime Axes ‘Drop Dead Diva’

The cast of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.
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Well, this is upsetting.

The news broke yesterday that Lifetime’s summer hit, Drop Dead Diva, would not be returning for a fifth season.

The legal comedy/drama, which starred Brooke Elliot and Margaret Cho, followed the life of a stick-thin model named Deb who is brought back to life in the body of a plus sized lawyer named Jane Bingum. (Cho plays Jane’s secretary, Teri Lee.) The show garnered praise for its smart and witty dialogue, but it seems that wasn’t enough for Lifetime.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV, creator Josh Bergman encouraged fans to stay active in social media to show that the fanbase is alive and well. “Join our Facebook pagecontinue to tweet, and take a look at the YouTube videos that fans have created in support of the show,” he told EW.

As for that cliffhanger in the season 4 finale, Bergman said that had he known that the show would be cancelled, it never would’ve happened in that way. However, should the show be reinstated by Lifetime or picked up by another network, the season 5 premiere would take place an hour after what came to pass.

For disappointed fans of the show, Bergman had this to say: “Jane Bingum came back from the dead. I think Drop Dead Diva will too.”

We can only hope for a swift revival.

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