Beyonce’ Admits to Lip-Syncing

On Monday, January 21st, 2012, millions watched the second inauguration for President Barak Obama. Beyonce’ Knowles Carter, who sang at the first inauguration, also sang at the one on Monday but this performance was a little controversial.

Monday morning as the performance was watched all over the country, Beyonce’ lip-synced the national anthem. Since it has been revealed to everyone that she did this, the controversy has been lit aflame.

Now many wonder why she even decided to perform this way but honestly, what would we have done in this situation?

The weather on Monday was horrible. There was no way Beyonce’ would have been able to sing in her full out voice in weather as such. It’s just not healthy for singers to do. Plus, if she would have messed up a note, that could have been a story too.

Plus, what singer does not lip-sync in this day and age? Sometimes it’s just necessary. We already know that she can sing so why can’t she get this one pass?

If the “Queen of Soul”, Aretha Franklin, can approve of and understand Beyonce”s lip-sync, then why can’t everyone else?

Beyonce’ is a great performer, singer, and artist. Many people know this and understand this.  So what she lip-synced, she still is great at what she does. So show her some respect and back off.

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