Puppies Ready for Game Day

Football players are revered for their strength and athleticism. Puppies, it seems, are no different. Animal Planet will air the Ninth Annual Puppy Bowl on Sunday, February 3, 2013. Viewers can expect the familiar sites of touchdowns and tackles, with one twist: as its name suggests, the Puppy Bowl consists of the popular sport of football as played by puppies. Aired the same day as the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl will attract animal lovers and football outsiders alike.

As one might expect of puppies, the animals playing in the game do just that: they play.  The dogs romp around the field, tugging on ropes and chasing balls toward the end zone. A total of 63 puppies can be spotted taking naps, playing,  and of course, exhibiting the kind of cuteness that drew in 8.7 million viewers during the 2012 marathon.

This year, the puppy players will be cheered on by hedgehog cheerleaders for the first time. The cat-lead halftime show will be brought back, as well as the hamster-inhabited blimp that offers a view of the whole field. The referee for the 2013 game, Dan Schachner, will wield the whistle and pooper-scooper for his second year.

The game that has been described as “the cutest sporting event of the year” will air from 3 to 5 p.m.

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