Frank Ocean Runs From The Media

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In recent news sources such as Rolling Out and the New York Times, grammy-nominated artist, Frank Ocean, has released to the press that he is moving to Shanghai, China after the Grammys on Sunday.

Due to his constant news coverage about topics such as his debut album, his sexuality, and fights with other celebs, Ocean has decided that it’s time to separate himself from the media, since they will not separate themselves from his personal life.

Apparently he has always discussed moving to Canada or London in order to run away but now he has chosen on a destination that is even farther away. He plans to live in Shanghai for two years.

He says he will spend his time there writing songs in privacy.

As a lover of good music, I must say that it is heart breaking to know that the U.S. may not hear new music from Ocean for some years. It seems his career was just getting started and he already can’t take the heat.

Persevering through the bad media coverage and still making great music is what makes a star. But either way, I will wait for his new music. I just hope he comes to a realization before two years have passed.

Best of luck Frank.

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