Safe Sects: Celebrity Women Pose Provocatively for Website

smiling girlThere are still thousands of 30 and 40-something-year-old men who were jealous of Zach Morris because of his seemingly perpetual fling with Kelly Kapowski in “Saved By The Bell.” Photographer Michael Edwards may be their next target of envy. Edwards, the founder of “Me In My Place,” a website dedicated solely to photographing women in their own homes with very little clothing, has made it possible for men to see their favorite celebrity belles like never before. Tiffani Thiessen (aka Kelly Kapowski), who Howard Stern once said had the most perfect breasts, is the latest celebrity woman to bear “most” for the New York photographer and his sexy endeavor. Thiessen, 39, is as beautiful as ever in the (dare I say) classy photos, and told ABC News that its great she can still do these things despite her age.

The Website’s Origins

“Me In My Place” was started about three years ago by Edwards, in what he described as a “tumblr blog” that focused on regular women, in their underwear, in their own homes. He ultimately parlayed this into an Android and iPhone-compatible app that subscribers could access for $4.99 per month or $15 per year. Edwards, a former Esquire magazine photographer, leveraged his connections to expand his shoots from sexy unknowns to celebrity women. It is unclear whether or not the celebrities are paid for the shoots, but Fox News reported Thiessen’s page on the website garnered over 500,000 unique views the day it was published. Edwards basically combined his passion for photography with savvy business decision to grow his website and app into a money machine. He has mastered his craft like other successful businessmen, such as Brian Ferdinand of Liquid Holdings who turned a small financial services firm into a $100 million Wall Street player. Or even Craig Newmark, who makes millions off his free classified ads website, Craigslist.

Several Famous Women Join the Party

There has been no shortage of celebrity ladies willing to invite Edwards into their homes while donning only bedtime attire. Chrissy Teagen, model and former Maxim cover girl, allowed the crew into her Manhattan apartment in 2011. Children’s Hospital star Lake Bell and Elisabeth Moss, of “Mad Men,” have also done shoots. Nina Dobrev and Joanna Krupa round out some of the most famous figures. The women are initially shy when the shoots begin, but quickly start having fun with it, Edwards said. Thiessen, who is the oldest celebrity to pose for “Me In My Place,” said she had to work really hard to lose 45 pounds she gained after giving birth to her 2-year-old daughter, Harper. “My husband says…I’m sexier as a mom than I was before,” she said.

Unknowns Becoming Web Stars

A vast majority of the photos featured on “Me In My Place” are of women nobody has ever heard of. Edwards said he is working on several new features for the website, including one which highlights the most popular girls ranked by comments and page views. There are already several different sections of the site which show the women doing various things, from domestic work or hanging out with their cats.

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