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How many of you spend countless hours on the internet looking for things to do or watch? I know I do. While twiddling my thumbs online, specifically YouTube, I came across a set of videos by a one Mhizz32flavorz (spelled just like that!). Apparently, “Mhizz32flavorz” is a girl named Melanie from Texas who “twerks”. She has tagged the University of Kentucky in a number of her videos.

Her videos include her “dancing” in her bedroom, various dining establishments on the Kentucky campus, and she has also been featured on the infamous website under the title, “Twerk fails of the week”. She’s danced to songs by artists like: 2 chainz, Dormtainment, Beenie man, Sean Paul, Juicy J, Tyga and many more. All I can say, is check her out, it’ll definitely make you laugh.

Below, you will find her YouTube channel, and a few of her videos:

Follow her on twitter:


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