Demi Lovato Gives Listeners a “Heart Attack”

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It’s a good thing Demi Lovato gave your heart a break, because she’s about to give you a heart attack.

Last night, former Disney starlet Demi Lovato released the first single “Heart Attack” from her upcoming studio release, set to follow up 2011’s Unbroken. And the single is sure to make many fans experience some symptoms, because after I pressed play, I flatlined.

Reminiscent of her 2009 single, “La La Land” and Jordin Sparks’ “Battlefield”, “Heart Attack” puts Lovato’s vocals on display as she belts out her uncertainty on letting her guards down and allowing herself to fall in love.

The song is more similar to the likes of Lovato’s debut album, but maintains that electronic pop feel that Unbroken had in songs like “Give Your Heart a Break.”

There is no denying Lovato’s talent on this single; regardless of the production on this album, it does not overpower her voice.

Lyrically, “Heart Attack” is every bit as honest as her last studio album, and definitely embodies Lovato’s statement of her next album being a “celebration of life and how rewarding it can be.”

“Heart Attack” can be bought on iTunes, and the video is set to be released within the next week. But be warned, you may need Life Alert because Lovato will blow you away.

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