Jonas Brothers Shake Their ‘Pom Poms’ For Latest Single

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After spending a couple years to focus on other commitments, Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas have reunited to work on their fifth studio album, which is set to release some time this year.

The past few weeks, however, the boys have been focusing on their latest single ‘Pom Poms’, which drops April 2. The past few days, the former Disney stars have social media to tease the single, and have started a couple trending topics. The song and video have already leaked in their entirety, but the song will be officially premiered on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

The boys have incorporated a full band sound for the single, and has the feel of a high school halftime show. (The music video will feature the Southern University Marching Band and cheerleaders of the New Orleans Saints and Hornets.)

The hook – “more to love when your hands are free/baby, put your pom poms down for me” – is just catchy enough to make people want to stay for more and keep the song on repeat. The song is sure to capture the attention of old fans, possibly gain the attention of a newer, One Direction obsessed generation, and lyrically contains just the right amount of risque to fit neatly in with Top 40 radio.

Welcome back, boys!

Are you ready to shake your pom poms? Check out the official teaser here.

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