Preview Paramore’s new self-titled album

Times have changed since Brand New Eyes, and Tennessee pop-punkers Paramore are back with a new sound.[Image from]

Times have changed since Brand New Eyes, and Tennessee pop-punkers Paramore are back with a new sound.
[Image from

After the band unveiled their new album one vinyl side at a time this week, fans can now stream “Paramore” in its entirety prior to its April 9 release.

The band debuted the first four tracks of Paramore in a video on Monday night, and spread the unveiling of the remaining three-quarters of the album over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Read on for a few of the album’s noteworthy tracks:

Classic Paramore sound with a rock-n-roll edge, “Daydreaming” is lyrically simple. All the same, it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. Lines like “not that I won’t remember where I’m from/ just don’t wanna be here no more” hit home, evoking a sense of wanderlust precious few actually act on.

Come one, come all to the House of Paramore; complete with a hand-clapping, foot-stomping set of hymns. Musically infectious and lyrically demanding, “Ain’t It Fun” is reminiscent of a hard-rocking southern gospel choir (or maybe it’s just me).

“What a shame, what a shame, we all remain such fragile broken things…” Sound familiar? Paramore released “Part ll,” a follow-up to 2007’s “Let the Flames Begin,” and wow, what a sequel. The track surpasses expectations I didn’t even know I had, and anything I write here will not do it justice. If there’s one song you check out, let it be this one.

17 tracks about the perils of growing up and falling in love, Paramore is the band’s fourth studio album. It’s also the group’s first full-length release since the departure of original members Josh and Zac Farro. Paramore is due April 9.

You can check out the album’s lead single, “Still Into You,” below. The upbeat track complements 2009’s ballad “The Only Exception,” proving yet again that yes, Paramore can do love songs.


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