Twitter Contributes to TV Ratings, Launches Music Application for iOS

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Back in December, the microblogging site Twitter announced that they would be teaming up with Neilsen to create an official social television ratings system. On their blog, Head of Media Chloe Sladden wrote, “As the experience of TV viewing continues to evolve, our TV partners have consistently asked for one common benchmark from which to measure the engagement of their programming.”

A recent study released by Lost Remote revealed that there is, in fact, a strong correlation between the recent ratings growth and the partnership between Twitter and Neilsen-Social Guide. As a consumer, that is something that we can attest to, as television shows are growing to be more social; hashtags are appearing on the side of the screen of any given show, and actors are joining in to interact with fans as they tweet their thoughts on the latest episodes.

It looks like Twitter is branching out once again, but this time, into the world of music.

Last month, Twitter announced that it was partnering with an Australian startup company called We Are Hunted to create a music app. Earlier this week, the news broke that the company would be merging with Twitter, and that the app would be released for iOS this past Friday. The app is rumored to assist in music discovery, and connect potential fans with artists.

TechCrunch reports that the launch would be just in time for the start of Coachella this weekend, but writer Josh Constine believes that a Coachella launch may not be the best idea. “It may be difficult to find time to download and use a music discovery app. There would be no way to hear new music or watch music videos with all the noise there.”

Only a select few have access to the new app currently, but more news is soon to come.

Seeing as other sites, such as Tweet for a Track, have been successful in assisting artists generate buzz, this official venture will definitely be one to watch.


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