Zimmerman is Overdue for Jail

Would we still be enduring this trial? Would there be any argument of self defense? [Image from www.allvoices.com]

Would we still be enduring this trial? Would there be any argument of self defense?
[Image from http://www.allvoices.com]

I was not going to chime in on the Zimmerman trial because I should not be so fed up that I feel I have to. I usually try to stay away from these kinds of issues because Rules of Racial Standing have it that minorities that experience racism are somehow not at liberty to discuss it without fear of criticism and race card accusations but I do not care. This is not one of those situations where everyone is entitled to their own opinion or that political correctness dictates that I say “of course there should be a trial, Zimmerman has a right to defend himself.” No, Zimmerman is supposed to have been behind bars a long time ago, not sitting on my television stone-faced everyday while his lawyers shamelessly hound Trayvon’s mother and friend.

Every fool who loves to see racism have its opportunity to be legally justified that is rejoicing over this case and hiding behind the cloak of the Stand Your Ground Law and saying that Zimmerman was defending himself, I’ll briefly address you. You, Jesus, and I all know that Zimmerman was in no way a victim that committed a murder in self-defense, but for the sake of argument, let’s pretend he was.

George Zimmerman was just another American citizen, not a police officer, who took it upon himself to play law enforcer of a community. He sat with his gun and watched people walk through the neighborhood and picked out who he believed fit the profile of a criminal. He saw a Black 17-year-old boy walking through the neighborhood as he talked on his cell phone and he confronted him, AFTER being instructed by real law enforcement, to leave the boy alone. First of all, if anybody should be seen as fitting the bill of a stereotypical criminal here, it should not be the 17-year-old boy armed with his skittles, cell phone and Arizona iced tea. It should be the large, armed, almost 30 year old, Hispanic man,  watching people late at night. Had this situation been reversed, we know that in itself would have been unacceptable.

But moving on to the confrontation. I am not going to belabor on discussing just how how silly the very notion that Trayvon was somehow on top of Zimmerman’s large and surely overpowering body beating him so badly that he was forced to shoot him is, because we would all be stupid to pretend an armed man who followed a boy he believed was a criminal in the middle of the night just calmly approached him and asked him how his night was going. All before Trayvon promptly beat him so badly that he had to pull out his gun and kill him, but not so badly that he wasn’t able to go to work, without bruises, the following day? Sure, that makes sense. But again, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend Trayvon did fight Zimmerman. Is the stand your ground law no longer applicable when used to defend a Black boy’s actions? Trayvon was committing no crime when he was confronted in the middle of the night by an adult man with a gun, would that not be a situation in which he would be afraid for his life and would have had the legal right to defend himself?

I cannot stand to watch media coverage of this case or the trial itself because the prejudice is ridiculous. We seriously allow for a known racial profiler and murderer to try to convince us that we owe him our sympathies because he is a “good citizen” dressed nicely in a suit? He was not the victim, he was not the one fighting for his life, that is why he still has his life and is able to show his remorseless face while he has his mother and every other fool that took the stand in his defense, perjure themselves.  No matter how this story is spun, Trayvon would have been alive had Zimmerman not been acting as the suburban vigilante and not followed a boy that he had no reason outside of stereotypes, to believe was a criminal. AND, as a response to all these attempts at trying to portray Trayvon as some sort of thug and criminal, it is all irrelevant because the fact remains that he was committing no crime when he was MURDERED. And even had he been committing a crime, which it has been long-established that he was not, Zimmerman still had no right to confront him.

Every day the media bombards us with a hundred campaigns and whiny news reporters moaning about how serious bullying is; how many children have committed suicide; and attacks on children they label as bullies because they may have indirectly contributed to the loss of a suicidal child’s life, but when a black boy is murdered, we have to endure the media trying to explain why Trayvon’s clothing; tweets; high school records; and stereotypes, justify his murder and letting his murderer free.

If America is going to continue allowing racism to affect the way minorities can live their lives while still denying that racism exists, the very least they can do is when confronted with situations like this that put America’s racist doings on a global stage, pretend as though the legal system and media do not stand behind it and not allow for this tom foolery to continue.


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