It’s iPhone season!

As it has been happening since the unveiling of the iPhone 4S back in October 2011, Fall is iPhone season. Apple always tries to keep things a secret, so any leaks that might come up in tech blogs can sure be exciting, but never definitive. You never know what you’re going to get until Tim Cook holds it in his hand in front of the world. Last year we saw Apple playing catch-up with the Android smartphones by increasing the display to 4 inches. However, the size of the iPhone 5 wasn’t enough to impress customers and tech lovers.

Once again, Apple is playing catch up this Fall by providing a low-cost iPhone (priced at $99) to compete with lower-end Android smartphones. This model, called the iPhone 5C is basically the iPhone 5, but with a plastic casing and with 5 different pastel-color versions.  On top of that, this device is said to be optimized to run iOS 7 (available for free on September 18th.) Apple has always lost many customers in places like China because of the high price of its products. However, with this “cheap” version it hopes to get the market share it lost to Android this past year.

This tech giant never likes to conform, so it introduced yet another product called iPhone 5S. The device will serve as the flagship of the company, remaining at the standard price of $199. A new processor chip (A7,) a new set of pixels for its already impressive camera, a new fingerprint reader instead of the home button and a new gold/champagne color finish are just some of the features of the 5S. While not as groundbreaking as specs as one might hope from Apple, this smartphone will sure be well received by loyal fans and even persuade some Android customers to switch to the dark side.

Both devices will be available in all “Big 4” cellular providers on September 20th. Pre-orders for the 5C will begin this Friday… the 13th.

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