Of Governments and Tattoos

The Miss America pageant just got its first tattoo. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little longer, says Big Brother.

Yes, per proposed regulations from Washington, D.C.’s city Health Department, the decision to get “tramp stamped” may be getting a bit tougher.  See for yourself in this 66-page draft regarding “body art” that the Health Department just released this week. Their aim is to institute a 24-hour waiting period that you have to complete before getting a tattoo or piercing. The waiting period is based on rules in at least two Wisconsin municipalities, but it is all but unheard of in cities as large as Washington.

Government-regulated tattoos. Does this sound insanely ridiculous to anyone else but me?

I guess after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s war on soda pop and ear buds, we shouldn’t be surprised. It seems that politicians have all but forgotten they are there to serve the people, not control them…and certainly not to “save [them] from permanent consequences they might come to regret” – as one city Health spokesman asserted. It just amazes me that while real issues like a military strike in Syria…and the truth about Benghazi…and the IRS and NSA scandals loom, some guy in Washington is wiping his brow as he types about…tattoos.

All these drafts of legislation are pointing to the same problem. The government is trying to take charge of our lives – in big, monumental ways – like  challenging our 2nd Amendment right to gun ownership, and our very religion…and then in smaller ways, like making us wait before we get that tat we’ve been saving up for. The creeping tyranny that is permeating within all arenas of American politics has got to be stopped and held accountable.

DC’s Health Department Spokeswoman, Najma Roberts told the Washington Post, “We’re making sure when that decision is made that you’re in the right frame of mind, and you don’t wake up in the morning . . . saying, ‘Oh my God, what happened?’” Before that, she asserted that customers “can’t be responsible for themselves, as well as the person doing the work on them.”

Well, actually, they can – they are adults (at least lawfully…emotionally and mentally, it’s debatable)! It is up to Why has the need for personal accountability suddenly been deemed old-fashioned and unnecessary? You are responsible for your actions, and contrary to popular belief, the government isn’t. When will this “nanny state” absurdness come to an end? Release the chains already! Give people a little credit, they just may surprise you. I’m not a fan of tattoos; in fact, I think they are degrading and downright unattractive. But my opinion doesn’t amount to a hill of beans – and neither does any government bureaucrat’s. No one’s health or safety is at risk here. If people want to profane their bodies with giant butterfly neck tattoos or inked proclamations of love for their honeys, they have every right to. If they later regret it, then they’ll have to live with the consequences of their actions, just like big boys and girls.

Our Secretary of State John Kerry said it best, “In America you have a right to be stupid — if you want to be.” It’s not often I say this, but listen to the Secretary…before government-regulated haircuts start coming down the pike.

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