The World Needs South Park

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On Wednesday night the world of television was ready for something they’ve been waiting for since last November, the return of South Park. Back in the fall of 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone were given a chance by the then-unknown network Comedy Central. After being rejected by FOX, the two friends were able to make an impact on the world through their highly controversial show. The mix of children being the main characters and nasty words made many people feel uncomfortable, but it was just the creators’ way of expressing the good old freedom of speech.

Through the years, South Park got nastier, funnier and more risqué. Episodes about erections, sex reassignment surgery, gay, lesbians, pedophilia and AIDS are just some of the ones that Trey and Matt decided to throw out into the world, without a single regret. The show has earned many detractors for its comedic, sometimes cruel depictions of these topics and other controversial ones. However, the show has managed to stay relevant because it has become some sort of thermometer to measure what’s hot and wrong in society at the moment.

Though powerful haters, the creators have made fun of almost every celebrity that you can think of. From The Pope to Paris Hilton, Trey and Matt don’t hold back in any way and say things like it is, obviously in a comedic and exaggerated way, but always remaining truthful. South Park has also gone political many times, to the point where politicians have even become scared of the show by saying that if they mess up, they know they probably have to tune in to Comedy Central that week and see themselves get made fun of by the show.

Despite critics and hardcore fans, there is something that seems clear to everyone, the world needs South Park. Many people out there, especially in America, have no idea what’s going on with their government, or around the world or even in pop culture. Enter South Park, in 22 minutes or less they come in and catch you up on everything that you need to know. Through satire, they are able to make people understand the reality of the world in a light, but nasty way. For example, before the episode Cartoon Wars Part 1 aired during the show’s 10th season, people would’ve never known that it’s considered offensive to make cartoons, pictures or any sort of depiction of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

The creators’ decision to cut down new seasons to only 10 episodes will definitely be noticeable. Many things out there need to be satirized for people to find out about them and understand them. However, the world needs to conform to 10 weeks of intensive classes with the masters of controversy. This week Trey and Matt made fun of the American government and the NSA, it turned out to be a hilarious look on how our beloved social network use is under surveillance by the agency. To top it off, they recently won their 4th Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. These guys are definitely doing things right, as South Park has not only become an iconic show, but a religion to be followed.

Tune in to South Park’s 17th season every Wednesday at 10/9c on Comedy Central

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