iPhone 5S Review

Image from lifestyle9.com

Image from lifestyle9.com

Many critics go ahead and review things ahead of time. They might not have enough time to actually grasp the pros and cons of the product, they might be having a good day and love everything, or a bad day and the product pays for that. When it comes to smartphones, the first day is usually wonderful and exciting. Almost every phone would get a 10/10 during the first day. However, you have to give technology some time to adjust to daily use in order to perform like it’s meant to do.

The iPhone 5S has been out since September 20th and it’s already been well received by critics and the general public. After two weeks, there’s a lot we can say about this phone. The design is as good as the previous iPhone 5, it feels great and it looks great, which is what you would expect from a top-tier smartphone. While the screen size has been criticized compared to “phablets” that have been out in the market since last year, the iPhone 5S’s screen manages to still give you amazing resolution and allow your hand to stay comfortable while using it for long periods of time. The new Touch ID feature works great. After a quick setup of your fingerprints, you can easily say goodbye to entering PINs to unlock your phone fifty or more times a day. While the option to scan your fingerprints to verify App Store/iTunes purchases is still a bit buggy, this feature still manages to be very useful. The camera is also fantastic, probably the best one in the market. While still an 8 megapixel lens, the increase in size of the sensor and the new dual-flash system live in perfect harmony to bring you some amazing shots. On top of that, this phone is optimized to run iOS7 and it does so very well, it’s fast and it fits beautifully with the new operating system design.

To all positives, there are some negatives and the iPhone 5S is no exception. The new 64-bit chip is fast and revolutionary, but it’s making app developers work twice as hard to revamp their products to work perfectly in Apple’s new OS. Many apps are still stuck in the process of upgrading, which is causing apps like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to force quit unexpectedly. While not the end of the world, this is a problem that needs to be fixed, since these are apps that are frequently used by almost all smartphone users. Another feature that needs some improvement is battery life. It does perform better than most phones out there, but it still isn’t ideal. Moderate to heavy use can leave you looking for an outlet around 2 or 3pm. Finally, many users have complained to the fact that the “move and scale” option for setting new wallpapers doesn’t work well. You can move your picture, but the scaling doesn’t do anything. This leaves users with less than ideal wallpapers, with images becoming too large or too short for your display.

Apple has already released two updates for iOS7 and each one is trying to address different bugs and fixes. With more time, developers can catch up to the new 64-bit processor, battery life can be improved and software features can easily be fixed. It’s still early enough in the game that Apple can take the flaws of their new flagship device and get rid of them. Because of this, you definitely get the most bang for your hard earned buck with the iPhone 5S. If you like to stay on top of technology, few phones can offer you amazing hardware and software for a top-tier price tag.

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