It’s Never Too Late

You may have heard the phrase “it’s never too late” hundreds of times in your life. Most of those times, you probably roll your eyes and forget about the whole thing. However, the phrase can definitely be proven truthful. Throughout our lives, we build up different passions and interests, some of them we pursue and some of them we don’t. Generally, when we don’t pursue one of these “dreams” we do so because we think we’re too old and our time to “shine” has already passed.

I used to think like this until this week. With this being my last College semester ever, I decided to have a more experimental class schedule. I registered for classes outside of my comfort zone, including Video Art and Piano 101. I’ve always been a fan of music and my large music collection can attest to that. My iPod and I are inseparable and I think of it at times as the only object that truly knows me. In addition, I’ve been a fan of music videos, television shows and movies for years as well. I appreciate a good guitar riff, a good drum beat, a good close up and a long shot. Despite all this, I never looked into actually learning how to shoot a video or play an instrument. At the age of 23, your brain isn’t half of the sponge it was during your childhood and teenage years. This thought can definitely haunt you forever, but once you decide to fight it, you’ll realize that it really isn’t too late for you too pursue things you want.

I was handed a camera and piano sheets back in August. The fact was terrifying, but exciting. A little over a month later, I look back and see those experimental decisions as the best thing I could’ve done to bid adieu to my higher education. I was able to watch my first finished video yesterday, and while it’s not one for the Academy Awards, it’s a start and it’s a product I made all by myself, I shot it and I edited it. On top of that, my first piano exam was this past Wednesday. For this test, not only did I need to study theoretical aspects, but I also needed to practice for a duet performance. I was assigned a classmate whom I didn’t know at all, but we were able to help each other out and make the chemistry work musically and personally. Luckily for us, performing in front of our peers and instructor went very smoothly.

With no previous camera or piano experience, I have managed to push my boundaries in little over a month and it has already brought the joy of success. Step out of your comfort zone and go for that something that you’ve always wanted, it’s just waiting for you!

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