“The Youngblood Chronicles” Continue in Latest Installment

[Image from tumblr.com]

Hell’s reign continues in part six of Fall Out Boy’s “Youngblood Chronicles” in “Just One Yesterday”.

After being kidnapped, tortured, possessed, and beaten, Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy get a short reprieve (and a very small one, at that) as they search for help in the latest video in the 11-part series.

The latest installment of the series co-stars English singer-songwriter Foxes, as a mysterious and reckless truck driver (wearing a familiar fedora…) who picks up a hook-handed Patrick Stump on the side of the road.

The video depicts the boys of FOB stumbling in the woods, attempting to find assistance as they nurse their injuries from the previous videos, and makes references to the previous horrors they have faced. (Unintentional hilarity ensues as Pete Wentz runs after a pageant queen and her mother and as Andy Hurley attempts to steal a can of beans from a homeless man.)

All seems to end well for the boys after they reunite in the back of Foxes’ truck, but things take a turn for the worse as they pull up to the infamous Linda Vista Community Hospital.

Will things turn around so Fall Out Boy can finally plug in to “Save Rock and Roll”? We’ll just have to stay tuned till parts 7-11.

Check out the Youngblood Chronicles here. Be warned, these videos aren’t for the squeamish or the faint of heart.


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