Western Black Rhino Extinct

Image from cnn.com

Image from cnn.com

The western black rhinoceros has been declared extinct. The year 2006 was the last time the western black rhinoceros was seen in the wild, and since then a review of plants and animals has been conducted and the extinction was made official by the I.U.C.N. The western black rhino was considered critically endangered for many years as conservation efforts failed to preserve and build up the rhino population.

The western black rhino was once found throughout the savannah of sub-Sahara Africa and was heavily hunted through the early 1900’s. In the 1930’s, measures were taken to preserve the black rhino and other species of rhino. However, poachers still hunt the rhinos for their horns, and this, along with failed conservation methods, are probably the main causes for this animal’s extinction.

There are still several other species of rhino left, but both are on the path to extinction. The northern white rhino and the Javan rhino are both teetering on the edge, again because of poaching and poor conservation.

There is some hope however. A subspecies of white rhino was also on the brink of destruction through careful habitat management and breeding programs. Other near extinct species have had restored populations through similar means of rehabilitation. Nevertheless, the process is lengthy and expensive with the need for extensive resources and facilities. And if poaching is a continued problem the species reintroduction may fail anyways. Efforts put towards conservation and reintroduction of species should be carefully considered by the people who share that animal’s habitat.

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