Senior Advice: Tips for Future and Current College Students

The journey started in August 2009 and it’s ending this Sunday. A little over 4 years of my life have gone by in college. They have been the best years of my life and gave me memories that will live on forever. While 4 years doesn’t seem like a big difference, the new generation of mid-1990s kids have different ideas of life, love, fun and even college. Leaving home and moving in with other high school graduates to develop an education isn’t only about parties, drugs and making friends for life, it also comes with a huge price tag. Younger generations are very dubious of making a decision that not so long ago was a n0-brainer. The hell of student loans, debt and the tough job market are big thing to consider when making a decision to attend college. However, if you do decide to go, here are some tips you should have in mind:

– College isn’t high school, start acting like an adult and understand that your good or bad decisions affect only YOU.

– This is the last period of time in your life when making friends is easy. Don’t make mistakes with the friends you make and keep them close.

– Get out of your dorm and network inside and outside your major. Connecting with people who live right next to you is fun and convenient, but in the future, you can find a lot of value in the friendships or connections you made inside the classroom. It’s all about who you know, and having these people can mean a connection to a good job.

– Make friends with international students. I’m not only saying this because I’m international, but these people will make you challenge your worldview and could potentially be some of the best friends you ever make. With than in mind, don’t hesitate to study abroad!

– Get all of your general education requirements out of the way quick. Taking a science, religious or math class during your senior year isn’t really fun, you should be focusing on gathering work experience through internship and challenging courses inside your major.

– If you don’t like a major, you can switch. However, make it about how you feel and what you like, not about what your buddies are majoring in.

– Take a class outside your comfort zone at some point, they might be some of the most rewarding and eye-opening ones.

– Have fun, but know the balance between social life and academic life.

– If you have the opportunity to study in a small school, don’t hesitate to connect with your teachers. They will always be the best ones to give you advice, letters of recommendations and maybe even help you with figuring out a career path.

BONUS: These 4 years go fast, enjoy every single moment, good or bad.

Congratulations to all December graduates out there!

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