What to Watch on TV in 2014

Bust out your 2014 calendar–there’s plenty of TV to go around the new year! Here’s a list of what to watch on TV in 2014 including Downton Abbey, True Detective, Sherlock and much more.

Downton Abbey (January 5, PBS): Six months after Matthew’s death, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) casts a dark gloom over the family as everyone tries to cure her and Isobel Crawley of their deep depression. Meanwhile, Lord Robert (Hugh Bonneville) is sorting out his grandson’s inheritance–the estate–and a familiar flirt comes back to Downton.

Image from pbs.org

Image from pbs.org

Intelligence (January 7, CBS): Lost fans rejoice! This action cyber-thriller stars Lost‘s Josh Holloway as an intelligence operative with a microchip implanted inside of his brain, giving him access to the internet, satellite feeds, and the rest of the global information grid in his battle against evil. Meghan Ory stars as his sexy handler and Marg Helgenberger as his stuffy buss. This fun new drama isn’t all action though with plenty of goofy jokes to go around.

Enlisted (January 10, FOX): Geoff Stults stars in this new show about three brothers working on a Florida Army Base doing mundane tasks while the more competent soldiers are overseas. Though the show hasn’t been generating a lot of buzz, its cast is definitely not lacking charisma with Parker Young (Suburgatory) and Chris Lowell (Private Practice) alongside Stults (The Finder).

Helix (January 10, SYFY): In this drama from Battlestar Galactica write Ronald D. Moore, Dr. Alan Farragut’s (Billy Campbell) and a group of disease control specialists travels to the Arctic to investigate a deadly virus outbreak at a high-tech research facility. Once there, the group encounter way too many scary things and may even find the key to preventing the annihilation of the human race!

Image from hbo.com

Image from hbo.com

True Detective (January 12, HBO): Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, this new crime drama focuses on a reopened 1995 murder case in Louisiana. What makes this show even more impressive is its structure: the series will jump back and forth between present day and 1995, and each episode will center on a different character’s point of view.

American Idol (January 15, FOX): While last year was filled with celebrity feuds and generated little talk about the actual artists themselves, this year’s new panel seems to get along just fine. With JLo back and Harry McCormick Jr. in, the show hopes to recapture its former glory. Though Randy Jackson is out of the judges panel, he will be a new in-house mentor for the contestants. Let’s hope this show can win us back!

Sherlock (January 19, PBS): After last season’s shocking finale, there’s plenty to get excited about for this season of the mystery miniseries. Benedict Cumberbatch returns as the great detective, Sherlock Holmes, as he makes his way back to his best friend Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman).

Looking (January 19, HBO): If you love Girls (returns January12) then you’ll love this gay male version of the Lena Dunham hit. The show focuses on three roommates (Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett) as they bed hop their way through San Francisco looking for love and happiness.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (February 17, NBC): Let the jokes begin! With Jay Leno pushed aside for the boyish Jimmy Fallon, the iconic late-night talk show will be one to watch. Its also moving to back to New York for the first time in years.

Image from nbc.com

Image from nbc.com

Late Night with Seth Myers (February 24, NBC): Kicking off right after Fallon, Seth Meyers will get his very own talk show after his stint as “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update Correspondent and sketch comedy artist. Hopefully the laughs will keep on coming!

Other shows to look out for: Rake (January 23, FOX), Black Sails (January 25, STARZ), Scandal (February 22, ABC), and Believe (TBA, NBC).

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