Jack Antonoff Debuts Side Project, New Song

[image from zimbio.com]

On February 18, Jack Antonoff (Fun., Steel Train) debuted his side project Bleachers, as well as a single from the project’s debut album.

The single, “I Wanna Get Better”, carries the same bright and brash sounds that Fun. fans have come to know and love. In an interview with Billboard, Antonoff said,  “It’s not just ‘a single coming out’ — it’s now finally being able to openly talk about this thing I’ve been working on, the fact that this album exists, what it sounds like… I wanted there to be music before anything.” Antonoff went on to reveal that part of the vocals of “Better” were recorded while on tour. “…[T]he past two years of being on the road and seeing the entire world is documented in the Bleachers album, more than anything else.” (x)

Bleachers will make their live debut at SXSW on March 12, followed by a performance on March 19 in Los Angeles.

Bleachers’ debut album is set to be released this spring through RCA Records. “I Wanna Get Better” can be listened to on their official website, bleachersmusic.com.

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