Good Deeds: Happy Birthday Collin

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This week was the week of helping others out. There are two stories that I came across that really made me stop and pause. I came to realize that in the midst of all the coverage of the bad, well there is some good in the world, and I would like to pass that on to you and perhaps restore your faith in humanity.

The first story was about a little boy name Collin who was in quite a dilemma. He suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, which makes it hard for him to make friends, and navigate social settings. When the subject of his 11th birthday came up, he told his mother not to plan it. Why, because he had no friends to invite. His mother thought differently, and used social media, not only to help her son feel loved, but also in a way to allow humanity to show love to someone they didn’t know personally, but whom they knew they already loved just because of who he was! The page called “ Happy Birthday Collin” has drawn over 2 million likes and even got the little man on Good Morning America, so that he could see and experience the love and support that he has from all around the world which included a birthday party on national TV and a trip to Disney World! This was the first story that not only touched my heart, but two million other peoples around the world!
This next story is close to my home. I met a girl named Sarah Ronecker the other evening while out with company. She was earnest in getting peoples attention as they strolled by in the warm weather, and at first I could not figure out what she was talking about until she turned to me and asked , “Will you donate five dollars to Camp Kesem it’s a camp for kids whose parents have been through or are going through cancer?” I told her, “I can do you one better how about I share with others about Camp Kesem?” Once I said this, her eyes got big, and she squealed with excitement, as she explained to me what exactly Camp Kesem was. After this explanation not only was I glad I made the offer, but plain giddy for the interview. As I learned more information, I grew more excited at my chance to do a solid for humanity. The wonderful Camp Kesem, is a camp for those kids who’s parents are going through or have already gone through cancer. It gives them a place to relax, and become a kid again, not the adult that they have to be during such a hard time. One quote from the website states, “Camp means everything to me. I can be with my friends and not have to worry and I love being with the counselors. It is an escape from pain. I can be myself for a while and just feel free. I get so scared for my mum, but at Camp Kesem I can just be me.” With activities ranging from the rock wall to swimming and the Empowerment ceremony, where campers share their stories with other campers, this camp is a beautiful place that shows that, when we love one another we really all have changed for the better.

These two stories have really touched me this past week , and I hope they will stop and show you that the worlds not all that bad of a place . Please feel free to check out Collins Birthday Party on Good Morning America or atop by Camp Kesem’s homepage at

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