Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

“You would think I wouldn’t have to deal with this in 2014.““I mean were all adults right?” These were the thoughts racing through my head after I had an awful experience at my workplace. I had been sexually harassed, and I was in God-awful shock. It had started with the persistent “Why won’t you date me?” questions, that then turned into intruding creepy looks. I had debated back and forth with myself. “Is this really a problem?” “Who’s going to believe me if I do report it?” Soon I found myself trying to avoid work. I would come up with reasons to walk in 3 minutes till clock in so I could avoid the harasser. Eventually it got to the point where I was complaining without action, and I am not one of those people. So finally one day, after being assigned to this particular persons area for work, I had enough. I reported the incident, and almost immediately I was called into the office, where I had to explain to a male supervisor what exactly had happen. All I could say was, “ You know that look when you see something you really want and you can’t have it, so you start devising ways you can get it?” “Yeah, that’s what he keeps doing and it’s starting to really worry me and creep me out.” That was all it took, and after that’s I felt relieved… until I started facing the social consequences. These consequences including the looks from “harasser” and friends, and just a cool demeanor from those in charge instead of the warmth I had experienced before. Already I had to deal with my harasser (and friends) thinking me to be a “flirt” and a “tease” just because I was nice, bubbly, and prone to fits of giggles. But I have this demeanor with most people in general. So does that make me a target for sexual harassment, was I “asking for it, in a way?” NO I was not, and I would love for anyone who thinks I am to tell me. Just because a girl, or a guy is nice, it doesn’t give anyone permission to hit on, ask out, harass, creepy stair, or bad name that person. I am one of many women and men that have dealt with sexual harassment, according to 54.4% of men and women have experienced sexual harassment in the work place whether it is visual or physical. I believe this number is too high and many cases end up never coming to light. If you have been or are currently a victim of sexual harassment I encourage you to speak to a loved one or a friend first. These people will help you as you take the courageous step to end your abuse, and for you to be the most fulfilled person that you can be. Then go to whoever is in charge and speak up and speak out, and keep doing so until the problem ends.

Tell the Truth

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