The Crimean Peninsula is Soon to Be a Part of Russia

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Recent talks between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov only served to re-establish the well known fact  that USA and Russia are vehemently opposed to one another on the crisis in Ukraine.

Lavrov has said there is “no common vision” between the two nations for the future of Ukraine.

Following the talks, Secretary Kerry said the US remains “deeply concerned” about Russia’s decision to deploy thousands of soldiers to the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine.

Kerry also stated that, “There will be consequences if Russia does not find  a way to change course.” Kerry did not specify what these “consequences” might be at the time.

The Secretary of State has spoke of sanctions to be emplaced upon Russia, however specific threats have yet to be made from any American official.

Lavrov asserted to the press, and to Secretary Kerry, that Russia had no plans to invade the [Crimean Peninsula] of Ukraine.

The Russian Minister’s statement is especially bold considering the fact that Russia has already sent thousands of military personnel to occupy the Crimean Peninsula, and they have been there for weeks.

This Sunday, citizens of Crimea will vote to either remain as part of Ukraine or to secede from Ukraine and once again become a part of Russia.

As the referendum grows close, tensions between the pro-Russian citizens and pro-Ukraine citizens are at an all time high.

The two groups have led massive protests opposite one another in the streets. BBC reports that there may have been gunfire resulting in civilian casualties.

A recent VICE news dispatch showed riot police desperately trying, and ultimately failing, to control a pro-Russian crowd as they harassed and attacked a group of pro-Ukrainians trying to board buses to flee from the violence.

The video report showed pro-Ukraine protesters getting punched, kicked and even had large rocks thrown at them. A disturbing shot showed one man hopelessly trying to drag away a fellow protestor who had been knocked unconscious by the rival protesters.

The Russian Foreign Minister has said that his country will support the vote made by Crimeans this Sunday while the USA has stated that they will not recognize it.

From this, it seems most likely that the vote will go in favor of Russia, and both countries know it.

In the likely case that Crimea votes to become a part of Russia, the Obama administration will undoubtedly feel obliged to puff their chest out in their attempt to avoid losing any credibility.

However, President Obama is unlikely to order a military response considering his dismal failure to gain any support for military intervention in Syria. Barring military action, Pres Obama will be forced to settle for enacting economic sanctions on Russia and sternly condemning the aggression of Vladimir Putin.

Putin has already demonstrated his apathy for the words and actions of Obama with his invasion of Crimea and ordering thousands of soldiers to remain stationed there.

The president of Russia has been accused of withholding nostalgia for the glory days of the Soviet Union. He decision to retake Crimea in an attempt to expand Russian’s western border surely adds some level of legitimacy to those accusations.

Ultimately, Putin saw an opportunity to take something he wanted and he seized upon it. Barring a full fledged military response form the West, which is almost guaranteed to not happen as all parties are seeking to avoid Word War III, there is nothing America or its allies can do about it.

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