A Country Against its People?

9/11  hit America swiftly, violently, and with a vengeance. Post 9/11 leaves U.S. security bounding into a new age, where in reality know one is above being questioned or considered dangerous. For some this is with good reason, after tragidies  like the Boston Bombing or even home grown terrorism in public places, once considered to be safe, the need for tighter security is a very prevalent idea.  But is there a time when this has gone too far? During World War 2 we saw the internment of thousands of Japanese Americans who were assumed to be a “credible threat” to national security. Fast forward to 2014 we start to see the same kinda deal.

I would like to introduce you to two men, Naveed Shinwari, and Awais Sajjad, these two men along with two others are suing the FBI and Attorney General of the United States Eric H. Holder. On what grounds, you may ask? Well these Muslim Americans  were put on a “no-fly” list after not cooperating with the FBI and ratting out fellow Muslims in their communities or abroad for suspected “terrorist activities”. Their lawsuit specifically cites that they were banned from traveling by air because of their refusal to tattle on members of their community and their no fly status is a way of retaliation.

Is the United States of our future? Are we to live in fear that every “enemy” of America abroad is an enemy at home? I would think not. Not everyone that is a practicing Islam  is a terrorist. I am quite sure that the amount of money that the United States spends on all sorts of knick knacks to protect us, could better be used in researching the culture and circumstances that surrounds what they think is the “enemy”. Hopefully, they can come to a better conclusion then using citizens as weapons to be pitted against each other.

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