Explosion in Buffalo Grove Scares Many

Near 11 pm Friday night, a loud explosion resounded through Long Grove and Buffalo Grove, scaring many and sending local high school students to their social media.  Rumors are flying, questions of bombs and traffic accidents, or even wild speculation on aliens, but one student reported, “It was an explosion, there’s literally insulation from someone’s house raining into my backyard.”  People nearby enough to take pictures of the ensuing flames of the building began posting pictures of the ensuing flame soon after.

As it turns out, the explosion, one of multiple, originated from the Royal Melbourne Country Club at 4700 Royal Melbourne Dr, Long Grove, IL 60047, most likely in the area of 4773 Trenton Court.   The explosion, likely a gas explosion, leveled a home, left debris all over the surrounding area, damaged 50 other homes surrounding it, and the shock was felt for miles around.  The Facebook page of the Lake County Scanner made a post soon after, reporting multiple explosions and fire in both the building and nearby houses.

The woman who lived there phoned in a report of a fire, and made the life saving decision to leave the house afterwards, for the house was left a crater right after she left.  Her next door neighbor had his doors blown in and all the windows in front shattered. (NBC)

“We’ve gotten hundreds of phone calls. It was felt as far away as the Lake Forest Oasis,” said an officer from the Buffalo Grove Police Department.

Fortunately nobody died in the explosion, although two people were hurt, and the time estimation to clean up the area is estimated to take weeks many homes even currently unlivable.

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