Following More Sanctions, Russia Responds By Violating Ukraine’s Airspace

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After being threatened with yet another round of sanctions from the United States and the European Union, Russia responded by violating Ukraine’s airspace multiple times.

In a report released by the Pentagon, the Russian Air Force sent several fighter jets over Ukraine the night of April 25. After flying military attack aircraft over another country in a very obvious show of force, Russia was asked by world leaders to refrain from doing so.

Since the in-air incursion, Russia has stood down, though thousands of their soldiers continue to amass on the border with Ukraine.

Western leaders have promised to implement sanctions next week in their ongoing attempts to prevent Russia from interfering any further in the crisis in Ukraine.

Western powers, including the United States, have already emplaced many sanctions on Russia and those who were deemed to be important businessmen that worked closely with Vladimir Putin.

Despite the initial sanctions, Russia has done nothing but amp up their involvement in and around Ukraine as the crisis has worsened. Furthermore, Russian leaders, namely Putin himself, have ceased to back away from rhetoric that leans strongly in favor of a direct role for their nation in Ukraine.

The fact that the announcement of upcoming sanctions only elicited a strong-armed military response from Russia makes it seem as though Putin will not allow them to influence any of his decisions in regards to Ukraine.

With his invasion and subsequent annexation of Crimea, Putin has proven the world that he will not hesitate to utilize brute force as his main strategy for foreign policy.

His utter and complete apathy for any sort of legal international process and for the sanctions imposed upon his country demonstrate that he will most likely continue to ignore any diplomatic effort by the West to stop by encroachment into Ukraine.

On top of the impromptu fly over of Ukraine, Putin’s military continues to emplace more and more soldiers, vehicles and equipment on the Ukrainian border.

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t take an expert in military history and tactics to know that a build up of an army on another’s nation border is usually followed by an all out land invasion of that country.

Putin seems to be dead set on invading Ukraine and the West has thus far failed to deter him at all. Vladimir Putin is a man who only respects power.

Ultimately, if the West wants to stop Russian from absorbing more of Ukraine, they will have to use their own militaries to do it. The only question is whether or not The USA and Europe will ante up and meet Russia in World War III.

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