Modern Crime Bosses in Nebraska

His Facebook says a lot about him. A man of middle height is bowing his head is bowed slightly to the ground. But this is not enough to cover the multiple tattoos that start at mid collarbone all the way up through his face. He shows off a six pack with slightly large pants gathered by a black belt. This man is notorious crime lord in Omaha, Nebraska.

His name? Nikko Jenkins one of  many that hail from the Levering family of Omaha. They used to be known for their positive work in the Native American Community  in the 1800’s and now in 2014 they are what can be considered a modern mob family, but they carry out their  own killings.  This family has committed a total of  633 crimes since 1979. Nikko, the latest but not the youngest, notorious killer in the family. His troubles started at 7 when he brought a loaded gun to his elementary school. From there he was in and out of foster cared, and committed crime after crime. This modern age mob boss and his family will hopefully be brought to justice.

The Facebook community page, “Death Penalty for Nikko Jenkins” has over 7,000 likes. This popular pages description shows the ruthlessness of Jenkins, “A convicted robber in Nebraska allegedly shot four people in the head weeks after finishing a decade-long prison stint that began when he was a teenager, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

Nikko Jenkins, 26, made “incriminating statements” about the shooting spree to investigators, according to the World-Herald. There’s no clear motive for the killings. All but one of the victims had no connection to Jenkins, the World-Herald reported.

Jenkins reportedly behaved violently and erratically during his decade in prison.

He got written up for assaulting a guard, making threats, trying to escape, and creating a weapon out of a toilet brush, the World-Herald reported.

But he only served 10 and a half years in prison. That’s just half the 21-year sentence he got for two carjackings and the assaults that happened when he was in prison, according to the World-Herald.”

Check out more about Jenkins and his reckless family in this interactive timeline provided by the Omaha World Herald:


  1. IF you think this is a “Crime Boss” Then you CLEARLY do not know what a crime boss is. This POS is nothing more then a Serial Killer who murdered 4 people (1 Truly Innocent) in a weeks time period. He also comes from a mentally ill family where his Mother is a criminal with mental issues. His sister is a criminal with mental issues, and dead criminal father. There are a few family members who were smart and overcame the mental problems this family has, but I personally think they were not 100% biological to him and think the true fathers of those girls are virtually unknown. So once again, Al Capone was a Crime Boss. John Gotti was a Crime Boss, Lucky Luciano was a Crime Boss. This Piece of Shit, is just an Inbred Psycho Fuck.

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