Snapchat Adds Video Calls, Instant Messaging to App

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Snapchat pushed out a new update for their social photo-taking app on May 1, allowing users to preview features through a Snap video and through a ‘story’ posted on the app.

On their official blog, Snapchat said remarked that the popular aspect was missing an “important piece of the conversation: presence.” 

The app, will now allow users to chat with each other, on top of their snaps. By swiping right on a person’s name, users will be able to send instant messages. The messages will still disappear after a certain time, and users will be able to keep the messages they want to keep, as done with photos shared.

On top of the instant messaging feature, Snapchat will now show notifications if a person is on the app, and allow users to video chat with one another.

Updates are available now on the App and Play Stores.

Watch the release video here:

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