The Magazine Girls

Looking through fashion and beauty magazines I begin to get a little upset because it makes me notice just how many flaws I truly have. There’s a 4-page spread in Allure on how to maintain “perfect skin” and apply makeup “just right” and lose “tons” of weight in “so little” time. Exaggerations like these are what make people look at themselves in the mirror and say, “Wow, I’m not perfect enough/skinny enough/pretty enough”. Our traits, the things about us as individual people that make us unique, I’ve noticed, are considered simply to be “flaws”.

It’s clear to see that the media only wants one thing: to be consumed. Obviously there’s no limitations to what they portray as the “ideal” image for females and males alike. These flawless, airbrushed faces on top of magazines and shown in movies just aren’t reality, and that’s a fact. There’s no way people can ever look like that, and to be quite frank, there’s no reason people should. 

The media is trying to brainwash you. Celebrities on Twitter and Instagram, movies, music albums and music videos, models in magazines and models in advertisements, all of these forms of media and social media are trying to conform your mind to the belief that people will just never live up to what these people are like, and therefore people must continue to indulge watching this alternate reality with a close eye in their moments of pure weakness. When people don’t feel quite good enough, they feel that they can live vicariously through the propaganda that is the media.

The notion is given, through these unrealistic presentations of how people “should be”, is that we can, if we follow their rules and listen to their tips and keep watching and keep reading and keep viewing–that we can possibly one day achieve that kind of “perfection”, too. However, since all of it is Photoshop and computer-generated, it’s clearly never a possibility. It will never come true, and people are tricked into having a small amount of hope that they can achieve that someday, thus continuing to indulge in the social media. They can’t. And they shouldn’t have to!

So what are you going to do? Keep longingly reading magazines and watching movies with expectations for yourself that are higher than you can, or should, achieve? Or are you going to embrace your image and enjoy media as it should be taken–as entertainment, as a false reality, and not as a true possibility.


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