Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” Review

Image from itunes

Image from itunes

After being heavily criticized in 2012, significantly with her SNL performance, Lana Del Rey comes back stronger than ever proving her critics wrong about their shallow opinions about her. Following up to her successful 2012 release, Born To Die, singer Lana Del Rey accomplishes to mesmerize with captivating vocals and soothing melodies on her latest release, Ultraviolence. It is a transition into a more solid alternative rock sound with a richer instrumental from Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach. She interprets the harsh reality of the coveted American dream she idolized in her debut. With her personal, creative lyrics, Del Rey creates a relatable mood ranging from angsty white girls to the old widow down the block. Miss Del Rey leads listeners through a journey of her lovesick world, both happy and cruel, caressing the souls of everyone provoking a nostalgic tone.

Cruel World

Shared my body and my mind with you/That’s all over now/ Did what I had to do

To start off, Lana brings out the harsh reality of love with the dreaded termination of a relationship. She implies a pessimistic perspective due to her conflicts in life. Managing to clash her haunting voice with a depressed tune, a wicked mood is fashioned. Certainly a suitable tone setter for the album, it is an excellently executed song.


He hit me and it felt like a kiss/I can hear violins, violins/Give me all of that ultraviolence

The title track is enchanting, appearing to tell a tale about a blind, abusive relationship. Seemingly anti-feminist, it is reminiscent about an unethical yet pleasing experience. The strings and piano strongly bring out the attitude towards her message, coming in abruptly and eventually expressing a relaxing melody. It certainly is a highlight from the album perfectly embodying the theme of the album.

Shades of Cool

‘Cause you live in shades of cool/ Your heart is unbreakable

It starts out as a slow ballad and progressively brings out more emotion through a powerful bridge. As the second single, it expertly elaborates more about Lana’s “Ultraviolence” world. It radiates an oldies love song vibe. Through prominent lyrics, it makes the audience go wild with a desire for love. It surely will be a fan favorite.

Brooklyn Baby

Yeah, my boyfriends pretty cool/But he’s not as cool as me/’Cause I’m a Brooklyn baby

 This is the liveliest of them all. It’s a small shot of happiness that indulges a ride through fun and recklessness. Lana goes back to her roots finally talks about herself confidently and positively. It is a relief from the album’s depressing nature. Representing a throwback tune, it is evocative of the past good times.

West Coast

I can see my sweet boy swayin’/He’s crazy y Cubano como yo/ my only love

 Lana goes back to her beloved California, the thrilling land of possibilities, for the lead single. Simultaneously criticizing and praising, she talks about her wild experience. Forced to leave her lover, she just cannot seem to be able to accept reality and move on. With a swinging instrumental, this song definitely symbolizes the nature of the west coast.

Sad Girl

His money on the side/money on the side/makes me so sad, girl

In this melancholy track, Lana tries to convince herself that being a secret lover is not as immoral as it seems since it is seemingly convenient for her. As the song progresses, she realizes she’s wrong and is anguished by all the mental pain she is suffering.

Pretty When You Cry

Don’t come through, babe, you never do/because I’m pretty when I cry

More and more depression comes through Lana’s apparently innocent soul. In this story, her man, as she says, always lets her down. Assuring her pessimistic views, she attempts to be positive yet ends up finding nothing peaceful. This is the representation ultimate heartbreak.

Money Power Glory

But that’s not what this bitch wants/Not what I want at all/ I want money power and glory

At this point, the album gets darker with more twisted lyrics and poignant instrumental. A very controversial topic, Lana describes her desire to corrupt a faithful man into her hands. All she wants are superficial aspects of the man releasing her inner greediness and manipulation.

Fucked My Way Up To The Top

I fucked my way up to the top/go, baby, go/this is my show

Just as the title implies, this is Lana’s celebration of her triumph through all the hardships she had to face. Getting back at all the haters, she disses them by blatantly insulting them. She puts herself at top power and basically makes everyone else inferior. Nonetheless, this is also about the dark ways of showbiz. Ultimately, this is an empowerment song for all those suffering for success.

Old Money

But if you send for me, you know I’ll come/ And if you call for me, you know I’ll run

Using very intricate and complex lyrics, Lana tells her most depressing tale of heartbreak. She mourns over her lost love and expresses her everlasting hope to find it. Mainly backed up with strings and a sorrowful tone, this song touches the hearts of everyone who has ever suffered from love.

The Other Woman

And as the years go by, the other woman/will spend her life alone

This is a beautiful rendition of Nina Simone’s song. Lana has shown great admiration for her through her interviews and as significantly with a tattoo. Pity is highly triggered throughout because it ultimately is about disappointment for her lover will remain faithful to his wife and will not fall for her.




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