REVIEW: The Never Ending – ‘ONE’ EP

Like many people, I’m always skeptical when Disney stars release albums. And even though I like Debby Ryan enough, I was still cautious after the announcement of The Never Ending’s debut release, ‘ONE.’

But if The Never Ending’s ‘ONE’ is a sampler of what’s to come, then Debby Ryan and The Never Ending are the ones to watch this year.

Comprised of guitarists Kyle Moore and Carman Kubanda, bassist Edwin Carranza, keyboardist Harry Allen, drummer Johnny Franco, and Debby Ryan as frontwoman, the band describes themselves as “carnival folk rock,” fitting, considering their circus theme album cover.

The 5-song EP, which released June 24 on iTunes, is different than what one would expect from a Disney star, especially considering the releases from current Disney stars – all radio-friendly pop. (Also noted that the release was through Ryan’s independent label.) Ryan’s release with The Never Ending is more subtle, showcasing a vulnerability and honesty through mellow, soft pop and lyrics like “the hills can’t hide the light.”

The EP opens with ‘Mulholland Drive,’ which was released in early June to a generally positive reception. The song, a bright acoustic tune, reveals uncertainty, as she sings, “I know I’m going home when the flame goes out one day,” but reveals her desire to stay true to herself. If sleepy acoustic pop isn’t your style, ONE showcases a rawness in Ryan’s voice in “Call Me Up,” possibly one of the strongest contenders on the EP.

“Keep your hands off me, I’m not your beauty queen,”  Ryan sneers in the early 00s-esque anthemic song, showing that underneath her bright eyes and shiny, happy kid-friendly appearance that there is darkness in her story. There is an edge to her voice in the middle three tracks, and it disappears in a raspy whisper in the ethereal “When the Darkness Falls,” which was teased back in May.

Each song on the album has its own life, and while “Mulholland” and “Ruthless” seem cheesy and maybe too poppy to some, they fit perfectly together in the EP. By highlighting different sounds, The Never Ending shows promise through versatile sounds. Can’t wait to hear more!

Check this out: “Call Me Up”, “Before I Go Upstairs”
Rating: 5/5 – A perfect mix of sleepy, folksy tunes and upbeat driving pop rock, The Never Ending is a strong debut.

The Never Ending’s debut release, “ONE”, is out now on iTunes. Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up to date with their music.


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