Mom finds Marijuana in Sonic Drive-Thru Order

In Frederick, Maryland, 35-yr old mother of two found herself flabbergasted after discovering a little something extra in her Sonic Drive-Thru order.

Last Wednesday, Carla McFarland, treated her kids to Sonic on Guilford Drive after a long morning of packing and a trip from the library. After passing her six-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son their chicken strips and fries, McFarland reached into the bag to retrieve her own food, only to find an unexpected surprise. Next to her container of fries was a small bag of what seemed to be marijuana.

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock,” said McFarland, “I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it?”

McFarland immediately told her kids to stop eating and contacted the police and Sonic Management. The employee who owned the said marijuana confessed to the incident saying it must have slipped from her apron. The manager, of course, fired her, then notified McFarland. This was confirmed by franchisee, John Louderback, who operates the location with his wife.

Sonic management was very apologetic towards McFarland and remade her order, free-of-charge. “I definitely can’t say that they didn’t go out of their way,” McFarland said, “I honestly think they were more in shock than I was.”

According to Frederick County Sheriff’s office spokeswoman, Lt. Jennifer Bailey, the case is under investigation and no arrests were made that afternoon. The suspected marijuana was seized by a deputy, but has not yet been tested to confirm if it was the actual drug.

McFarland decided to post her encounter on Facebook, which generated quite a few laughs from her friends. The concerned mother surely did not find her experience a laughing matter. “I think that’s why everyone thinks it’s so funny, because it’s marijuana and it’s going to be legalized,” McFarland said, “It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”

The trip to Sonic was supposed to be a simple treat that McFarland could give her kids during a troublesome few months for the family. Her husband has been staying at Georgetown University Hospital since his surgery in May, and now the family faces eviction from their condo. In order to care for her two children, McFarland is unable to work, causing them to fall behind on rent.

Founder of the nonprofit Patty Pollatos Fund, Debbie Williams, is reaching out to the McFarland family by starting an online fundraiser planned to start sometime next week.

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