A Beginner’s Guide to Eid Bazaars

Image from dcdesi.com

Image from dcdesi.com

We’re right in the middle of Ramadan 2014. This entails days of fasting, nights of worship, and… Eid bazaars. These emblems of desi society can be tricky for beginners, so read on to find out how even you can navigate your first Eid bazaar with ease and sophistication.

Firstly, how do you know if you’re dealing with an Eid bazaar, as opposed to other, minor fashion sales? Before proceeding further with this guide, make sure the bazaar entails most or all of the following requirements:

  1. Unless you’re shopping before the sun rises, there will be a crowd.
  2. Foreign languages all around you.
  3. A maze of clothing racks.
  4. Multiple vendors trying to catch your attention.
  5. Very intense price negotiations.
  6. Random children evading their parents/guardians.
  7. General noise and commotion and heat.

Still convinced you are dealing with an Eid bazaar? Read on for some tips!

The first obstacle in your path is parking. Usually the parking lot will be packed with cars and bored husbands milling around outside, if they had a chance to escape. You may end up parking in a different lot, or you’ll squeeze into a small space miles away from the venue. Never fear, clothing and empty wallets will soon be yours! Be ready to walk a lot.

Now, there will be a mind-boggling amount of clothing at your Eid bazaar, which will make it a bit more difficult to find the perfect outfit. While some of the clothing may be drool-worthy, other articles may look like they’ve been dragged through a rainbow and then dropped in a mountain of glitter. Tip: sellers usually put the best pieces at the front of the rack, and it goes down from there. Don’t be afraid to ask the sellers for help when picking out clothes. Sure, they may bring out the most expensive pieces first, but they know what they’re selling and they know where the good ones are.

It’s important to take your time. Don’t just buy the first thing that catches your eye. Also, it’s important to keep an eye out for loose threads or stains in the garment that might be missed the first time you look it over. Sizing is arbitrary more often than not, especially if the clothes are imported. It’s good to have a general idea of your measurements and ask the seller to borrow a tape measure (they always have one or two on hand). Check a couple essential places like the shoulders and hips and you’re good to go.

Finally, when you have your ideal clothing item picked out, comes my least favorite part: haggling. The prices are never fixed at these things and there’s always a little room for improvement when it comes to price. If, like me, you absolutely hate bargaining, leave it to a more experienced person such as a mom or an aunt. Pay attention to how they do it, if you want, because you can’t rely on them forever.

There might also be a sale of food items. It’s best to avoid these because the food is usually exorbitantly overpriced. Unless, of course, they’re selling samosas. Always buy the samosas.

Well, there’s the end of my tips on how to navigate an Eid bazaar. Just be polite and think things through. Good luck.

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