Is Cleveland back on the map?

It’s been a long time since Cleveland has been known as a thriving metropolis. The city has been more widely known for kidnappings, corruption, and Lake Erie catching on fire. However, it seems the city has been making a comeback these past few months, even in the past week. Some say that the economic boost of this summer’s events are not as big as some percieve, these events still may be a major morale boost for the city.


King James has come home

Lebron James announced his decision to return to the  Cleveland Cavaliers July 11. The Plain Dealer estimated that the city lost 50-150  million dollars when Lebron left for the Miami Heat. According to ABC News, tickets for the Cavs next season have already sold out.

Nick Kostis, owner of Pickwick and Frolic, an entertainment complex in Cleveland, told the  Plain Dealer how he believes Lebron’s return will impact local businesses.

“They’re more apt to get something to eat or drink before or after if you have a winning team,” he said. “And then you have even more games if they make the playoffs.”

The 2016 Republican National Convention is coming to town. Cleveland was chosen to host the 2016 Republican National Convention this past Tuesday.

“If you haven’t been to Cleveland lately, it’s a real surprise how beautiful it is down by that lake,” Reince Preibus, RNC chairman, told Fox News. He later added in the segment,” It was a business decision, when it came down to the hotels, the venues, the arena, it was unbelievable.”  The Post Gazette said that the week long would cost Cleveland $50-60 million dollars, but could bring $200 million in spending between now and the convention.

Johnny Manziel is Drafted by The Browns

The Cleveland Browns drafted the rookie quarterback in the May 8, and sold 1,500 new season tickets less than a day after he was selected.

“I would equate getting Johnny to the night [the Cleveland Cavaliers] won the draft lottery to get LeBron [James] in 2003,” Mark Klang, a Cleveland ticket broker told ESPN Dallas. “We got more hits to our website in the hour after Johnny was drafted than we got in the three days after the schedule came out.” The 2012 Heisman winner trophy winner is part of the same marketing firm as Lebron. A Plain Dealer article said there may be potential opportunities for cross promotion, and the NFL had already tweeted a picture of a faux poster with both players’ faces on it.

“It makes Cleveland (like) LA,” ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell told the Plain Dealer. “You can imagine some November weekend when someone is going to fly in from Los Angeles to see a LeBron game and Johnny play.”


  1. Andrew Jones says:

    Actually it was the Cuyahoga River not Lake Erie that caught on fire over fourty years ago. Cleveland is a sleeping giant soon to be awakened.

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Actually it was a portion of the Cuyahoga River, not Lake Erie, that caught on fire over fourty years ago. Cleveland is a sleeping giant soon to be awakened.

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