Drew Magary’s “The Postmortal” Review

Image from amazon.com

Image from amazon.com

It has been so achingly long since I last read a book that actually held my attention. As I casually read the back, I realized I was hooked. My friend purchased it while I bought Love Among the Artists by George Bernard Shaw. While she drove, I flipped her new purchase open and read a random chapter in the middle – and Good God, was it great. As I read my selection page by page, laughing at the introduction, I found my mind wandering to Drew Magary’s novel. What treasure was my friend reading that I was missing out on?

The back of the novel says it all – Magary has written for NBC, Rolling Stone, Yahoo!, among various others. From his credentials, you wouldn’t typically think he would transfer into fiction very well. If you believed that, however, you’d be dead wrong. He snags your attention before you’ve even cracked it open and holds you there after the first chapter.

Short and sweet, it’s about death. Actually, it about the opposite of death. Drew Magary toys with the idea of living forever, the concept of having a cure for aging. Despite not dying from old age, one can still die a multitude of other ways. That’s what makes the novel so wonderful. The whole time you’re wondering whether John Farrell, the main character, is murdered or gets the flu or whathaveyou. It’s completely different from everything you’ve ever read before ; it’s as if eliminating the possibility of aging opened the door to a new and fascinating type of fiction.

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