Time to Think About THINX: Period Panties That Save More Than Just Your Sheets

Image from kickstarter.com

Image from kickstarter.com

As much as I love waking up in a puddle of my own blood at 6 a.m and ruining yet another pair of underwear with the tears of my uterus, doesn’t the sound of wearing underwear that will protect both your dignity and sheets from your monthly visitor appear more pleasing than your pain-induced sobbing? Not only does this type of heavy duty and stain resistant underwear exist, it also raises funds for women in developing countries also suffering from this debilitating issue, resulting in severe disturbances in their education. If you’re interested in saving your bedsheets, as well as the education of millions of girls worldwide, maybe it’s time for you to think about THINX.

THINX underwear, a company that funds girls worldwide when a pair of their revolutionary underwear is bought, has made it their mission to help women stay in school and stay impactful within the world by developing a system that benefits more than just the customer. THINX underwear markets itself to be stain resistant, antimicrobial, and can absorb up to 6 teaspoons of liquid, all while maintaining its pleasing outer appearance. And while it doesn’t replace what the typical tampon and pad can hold, it’s a great back-up plan to have when your period unexpectedly creeps up on you at the worst moments and you need immediate protection.

Why is this kind of underwear important for women in the US, as well in developing countries? When CEO Miki Agrawal further investigated the immense female health issues plaguing girls during their menstrual cycles, she found that more than 100 million girls in the developing world were missing a week of school because of their periods, and were using leaves, old rags, or plastic bags as substitutes for sanitary pads.

Not only will using the underwear aid in a female’s educational pursuits, but it’ll also help the economic situation faced by many females and their lack of job choices. To battle this lack of female employment, the company has teamed up with AFRIpads in Uganda to hire local women and give them the opportunity to manufacture reusable, eco-friendly and cost-friendly cloth pads in order to create more local jobs and give women the opportunity to stay in school and receive life-changing education. While this underwear is revolutionary for leaks and stains, it also focuses on breaking the taboos that revolve around menstrual cycles and how they should be “celebratory versus shameful,” and natural versus monstrous. As Agrawal perfectly states, “Girls are learning about their periods as 12-year-olds are through a 1969 government health workers manual, which is terribly uncomfortable and not relevant today.”

According to the THINX website, here are some statistics related to the period-related issues women in developing countries face regarding the conflict between their pursuits for education and basic female health problems:

-48-84 days is the average number of days missed by a female living in the developing world due to period-related issues

-90% of a girl’s income goes to her family and community vs the 20-25% that’s donated by a male’s income

-84% of girls leave school early, which equates to 10 billion in lost earning potential that could have helped in elevating these communities out of extreme poverty

-1 out of 7 girls in the developing world end up being married off and possibly pregnant before the age of 15

-423 million worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence, or 21.6% of the planet suffers from this issue

For every pair of THINX bought, girls in the developing world will be given seven washable, reusable cloth pads. Not only will this allow women to continue their education while battling the cruelty of mother nature, but it’ll also help them maintain a job and continue being productive members of society without allowing their periods to further discourage and oppress them.

The sizes run from XS to XXL, are sorted according to how heavy your period is on any given day, and the prices range from about $24-$47 per pair (keeping in mind that this all goes for a good cause, and isn’t anything like the cheap, skimpy rags sold at Victoria’s Secret).

To find out more about THINX and their mission, you can visit their website as well as their Kickstarter page to check out collections, interviews, statistics, and more.

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