5 Ways to Hang Out with Your Friends on a Budget

Image from morguefile.com.

Image from morguefile.com.

The summer is almost over, and it’s time to plan last minute hang outs with your friends However, you may not have the cash to go out with your friends as much as you would like, especially if you are a high school or college student. Here are some ways that you can hang out with your friends on a budget.

  1. Go to a park. You can exercise, people watch, or pick up litter. Fresh air never hurt anyone, after all.
  2. Make a Youtube video. Who knows? You could become the next Jenna Marbles or Vlogbrothers.
  3. Go on a free day trip. National Geographic lists museums, events, and other attractions across the country. Shakespeare in the Park, anyone?
  4. Have a throwback Thursday(or any day) You can each bring old movies, books, CDs, and games that you may have around the house and enjoy. You can theme it around your childhood, or any decade, regardless of whether you were alive during the decade.  If you’re feeling daring, you can look through old photo albums or childhood pictures together.
  5. Get creative. We live in the generation of Pinterest and Google. You can look up recipes, crafts, or whatever fits your style. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Go thrift shopping. You can combine this with the Throwback Thursday, or turn it into its own hang out. Goofy outfits make for great profile pictures, or you may find an item or accessory you like. If you want, you even can have a fashion show with your friends.

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