50 Shades of Disappointment

The raunchy young adult novel that readers can’t get enough of has turned into a movie and has been taking the media by a storm. The Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which comes out on February 14, 2015, just released its first trailer and people have certainly been talking about it; but not all good things. Whether they are fans of the book or not, the trailer has been getting a lot of criticism.
If you don’t know already, Fifty Shades of Grey is about a passionate and unconventional(to say the least) relationship between a soon-to-be college graduate, Anastasia Steele(played by Dakota Johnson), and a wealthy and mysterious man, Christian Grey(played by Jamie Dornan). Some people like to describe it as “mummy porn”. Nevertheless, it is one of the most anticipated movie of the year, according to International Business Times. However, the fan’s reactions to the trailer was made quite obvious on social media, especially on Twitter. A lot of people are already pissed as it is with the casting for the film.

There have been many complaints that Anastasia and Christian are too boring. The Daily Telegraph’s television critic, Robbie Collin, thought that the trailer was “as arousing as week-old meat loaf.” David Pickard says, “Didn’t see anything especially sexy about the trailer. I must assume there is more in the book than this.” And don’t even get me started with the tweets I’ve seen on Twitter, such as, “I’m so excited to see 50 shades of Grey, but I’m disappointed that the male character isn’t hotter they describe him so much more attractive.” Another one that I saw was, “Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Jay-Z is an undeniable classic yet the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer manages to bring it down.”

After reading many comments by users online, the general consesus seems to be that people are not impressed by Jamie Dornan as Christian. But there are still fans out there that are genuinelly thrilled about the trailer. Personally, I’ve read the books and really liked them but am nervous about the outcome of the movie. I, myself, am disappointed in the casting. I feel that the chemistry between the two is cute and Twilight-like, however, that’s not what the book is like. There should be a strong sexual tension and desire between the two. Then again, it was only one trailer, so I guess we will have to wait until the movie comes out in order for us to judge it.

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