Facebook Trends

I think the most annoying thing in cyberspace would have to be these stupid trends on Facebook. Also known as challenges, the only limits they’re pushing are my frustration ones. Fitness challenge, ice challenge, cinnamon challenge, the fire challenge. Please tell me someone else is seeing how ridiculous this is becoming?

It starts out so innocent! The 30 day fitness challenge. Watch me transform over the course of this month! Yeah, okay, I can see that. Don’t get me wrong – it’s horribly annoying, but if it inspires you… why not? The cinnamon challenge first blew my mind. You intentionally swallow so much cinnamon that you vomit. Or just gag a lot. This, ladies and gentlemen, truly terrified me. This generation is so stupid that we are actually following each other to our own demise. You know that by swallowing a spoon full of a cinnamon, nothing pleasant is going to come from it. So why, exactly, are we doing it? Well, I can tell you that Facebook likes has nothing to do with it. Please, let me point out the sarcasm here. We judge the success of our lives on the amount of likes we get on a social media site. Remember when Myspace was the popular outlet? How much do we care about those likes?

Let’s move on to the Facebook and Youtube fire challenge. And yes, it’s absolutely as horrifying as it sounds. I don’t exactly know what the point of said challenge is, but the general gist is pouring alcohol on yourself and then lighting yourself on fire. After watching a video by InformOverload, unfortunately more people are doing this than I even wanted to think about. As the 3:17 minute video portrays, people are dying from this! I mean, obviously people are dying from this. What else could you expect from pouring nail polish remover down your chest?

I just want you to remind yourselves that one day, Facebook will become the equivalent of Myspace. It doesn’t seem like it right now, but Myspace was all the rage back in the day. These likes are going to fade into the vast nothingness that will eventually become this social media outlet. Use the precious cells that make up your brain, the very cells that allow you to think for yourself.


  1. Literally as soon as I read this, right under this post was another “challenge”. I agree with what your saying, it’s a stupid trend of people doing stupid things for attention but I also think it would be, still annoying but at least less dangerous, if people elivated these “challenges” to the previously mentioned more inspiring. Why should you challenge someone to pour cold water on them or light themselves on fire when you could challenge them to do something worthwhile, and not because Facebook says it’s cool but because it would be I nice thing to do. Challenge someone to volunteer at the homeless shelter, pay for a strangers meal, or use your next paycheck to buy something nice for your parents instead of yourself. Or you could light yourself on fire with the expected result and get a laugh or two. Food for thought.

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